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This page collects together the contact information used on the site together with that of the Association Officers.

Contact and location information for the school itself is also available on the site.

ECSOSA Contacts

[Cliff Wilkins - Joint President.][Dave Day - Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer.][Graham Johnson - Website Editor.]

Many of the office titles and names below are 'mailto:' links that should open your e-mail application for you ready to write a message. The e-mail addresses linked from the office titles are formal ones such as 'secretary' or 'treasurer'. Those from names are informal ones such as 'dave' or 'peter'. Please use whichever form you feel more comfortable with. You will find any reply will typically come from a private e-mail address rather than an '@ecsosa.org.uk' one. We (well Graham to be precise) prefer(s) to avoid using publishing private e-mail addresses on the website, though some do appear in the newsletters.

Association Officers

Joint Presidents
The Joint Presidents of the association are Cliff Wilkins and the current headteacher of the school Susan Tranter.
Membership Secretary
David Day is now acting as the combined Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer and taking the minutes of meetings as well. Ideally these would be separate roles.
Newsletter Editor(s)
Letters of general interest and/or for publication, and other contributions to the printed newsletter, should be addressed to the Newsletter Editor(s). We don't currently have any volunteers handling the newsletter so any e-mail will end up with David Day.
Committee Members
The committee is completed by Carol Coates, Joan Wilson, and Dennis and Jean Patten.

Contacting the website

Website Editor
The website is being looked after by Graham Johnson. Comments, suggestions, corrections and contributions for the website are welcomed. Indeed they are positively encouraged
[ECSOSA: Quis separabit - Who shall separate us?]
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