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Edmonton County School Cambridge Campus

Edmonton County School, Cambridge Campus, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield EN1 1HQ

The school is located on the east side of the Great Cambridge Road (A10) just north of the junction with Bury Street and Bury Street West. This is the second significant junction north of the North Circular Road (A406) interchange.  Further to the north the A10 joins the M25 at junction 25 though some prefer to use junction 24 and then The Ridgeway (A1005) and WIndmill Hill / Church Street / Southbury Road (A110) to join the A10.

Those who haven't been to the area for a good few years might be surprised to discover the 'Cambridge Roundabout' has turned into the more complex 'Great Cambridge Junction' with an underpass as well as a roundabout with traffic light controlled access. 

The school car park entrance is at the south end of the site, just north of a footbridge, with the exit about fifty yards or so to the north. Access is directly to and from the southbound carriageway of the A10 but there are also gaps in the central reservation giving access to the northbound carriageway.

The 217 (Turnpike Lane to Waltham Cross) and 231 (Turnpike Lane to Enfield Chase) bus routes run along the Great Cambridge Road and have stops just south of Bury Street southbound and just north of Bury Street West northbound. They are served by double decker buses.

Older readers familiar with the bus routes pre-1954 might remember them as the 144A and 144B. The routes have changed at the ends but would still be recognisable.

The other useful bus route is the 192. This is operated by single deck 'midibuses' and runs from Tottenham Hale (national rail and Victoria Line tube) to Enfield Town via Edmonton Green, stopping close to the railway station. It runs along Bury Street and part of Bury Street West and will stop close to the A10 junction. That part of the route is a "hail and ride" section (meaning there are no bus stops and theoretically you can board and alight at a place of your choosing, though in practice there are certain favoured stopping places).

The nearest railway station is Bush Hill Park (travelcard zone 5) which is around 15 minutes walk away (just walk down Trinity Avenue to the Great Cambridge Road and then it is a straight walk). This is served by trains between Enfield Town and Liverpool Street via Seven Sisters (Victoria Line tube) and typically has a train every 30 minutes in each direction. It may be more useful to use Edmonton Green station (travelcard zone 4) on the same line as this is also served by Liverpool Street to Cheshunt trains and so typically has a train every 15 minutes in each direction. Journey time to Seven Sisters is a little under 10 minutes with Liverpool Street being around 25 minutes away. Edmonton Green is around about a 20 minute walk away though the 192 bus can help out here.

Those readers who haven't returned to the area for many years might think of the station as Lower Edmonton station.

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