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16th Jul 2018
You may experience some disruption to the ECSOSA website and forwarding of e-mail to ecsosa.org.uk addresses over the next day or so (I'm writing this at lunchtime on Monday 16th July). To cut a long story short I am messing about with stuff behind the scenes and sometimes things take a while to catch up. Other times things race through unexpectedly and it is me trying to catch up.
31st May 2018
The June edition (also known as the Summer edition*) of the ECSOSA newsletter is now available on the website.

* By me. When I first started on the website the newsletter carried seasonal edition names and I've not changed with the times.

Those of you who receive the newsletter by post or e-mail will notice that it has a couple of friends that are GDPR related. One is basically the privacy policy that clarifies how information about the membership is held. The other is a form for you to return. It shows the information currently held on you so you can correct any errors, and asks for consent for the use of the information in certain ways.

I know that 'consent' is probably not necessary for the uses ECSOSA makes of personal information. It doesn't do any harm to ask though. Also ECSOSA is 95 years old so there has to be the possibility that some of the information held wasn't gathered in a demonstrably GDPR compliant fashion. So I think Dave has taken the sensible route here.

6th Mar 2018
The March 2018 edition of the Association newsletter is now available from the website.

8th Dec 2017
The December 2017 issue of the Association newsletter is now available on the website.

2nd Oct 2017
Under our Constitution, the current Head of the School is invited to become a Joint-President of the Association and other persons may be nominated as Joint-Presidents, Vice-Presidents or Honorary Members to allow us to recognise their contribution to the School or the Association. Under the Rules the Committee may also appoint the outgoing Chairman as a Joint-President.

Beryl Dewhurst, who has passed away, was President of the Association and we would welcome nominations for the position.

[I apologise if the juxtaposition of this post with that reporting Beryl's passing suggests indecent haste. There was a considerable and far more appropriate interval at source that has been lost at my end.]
[ECSOSA: Quis separabit - Who shall separate us?]
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