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12th Jan 2019
Saturday 12th Jan 10:30am: The ECSOSA website and email forwarding are currently down, and have been for about twelve hours. The hosting provider attempted to reboot a server last night and it wouldn't come up again.

UPDATE: Things are hopefully back to normal now.
6th Dec 2018
The December edition of the ECSOSA newsletter is now available on the website and includes more information about the Centenary celebrations being held on March 23rd next year.

29th Oct 2018

Drinks and Buffet Evening - Saturday 23rd March 2019

Terry Peffer is organising a drinks and buffet evening to follow on from the school Centenary celebrations being held on Saturday 23rd March 2019. Terry writes:

Come and join us ...

If you attended ‘The County’ in the period from the mid-1950’s to the mid-1970s, then you are invited to join a number of old pupils meeting for a drinks and buffet evening at The Marriott Hotel, Waltham Abbey.

This is a chance for all to enjoy a relaxed evening with old friends and colleagues, whilst exchanging stories and memories of ‘The County’. Music from ‘our' era - Motown/Soul etc. Spouses and partners are welcome.

Please contact Terry Peffer at terrypeffer@btinternet.com for more details and to book your place.

A quick response is advisable as numbers may be limited.
25th Oct 2018
I'm a bit late passing on this request, but Beryl has asked if anyone has any decent photos of two of the school Heads from relatively recent times, Linda Robinson and Siobhan Leahy.

I may be misstating the situation (*), but I believe more generally ECSOSA's records pretty much fade out around 1995 and knowledge of major events at the school in the last twenty years is a bit thin. With the centenary celebrations coming up early next year there is a risk of any history produced being a bit light on more recent years so if anyone can offer insight please contact Beryl.

https://ecsosa.org.uk/about/contacts.php has the contact details.

(*) I'm not. Please see David's comment on this post.
11th Sep 2018
Dave Day writes, with his Chairman / Treasurer hat on:

Since the Newsletter is published on the ECSOSA website, it is freely available to be read by anyone who logs on. Quite a few non-members read it and comment and submit articles to the editors which are published without prejudice and, although we do not wish to discourage them, it would be good if they would join the Association and pay some subs since our funds are slowly diminishing. The application form and prices are posted on the website. If you are not a member of the Association can we persuade you to contribute? It is not exactly prohibitive! With the Centenary Celebrations approaching all donations to help with expenses will be gratefully accepted.

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