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Many groups of Old Scholars organise their own reunions and events and some have expressed an interest in getting themselves a little more organised and perhaps having websites and mailing lists and somewhere to upload collections of photographs from their time at the school or of their social events. Some have expressed a desire to be bring themselves under the ECSOSA umbrella.  Some Old Scholars might simply have a collection of photos they'd like to share with others. This website can't be everything to everybody and there are practical limitations as to what can be done with it in terms of filespace and site editing, but at the very least it can act as a portal to help publicise your activities.

If you do have substantial numbers of photos that you'd like to share, the simplest things to do are to either use one of the many software packages about to create galleries to upload to your own webspace, or to upload the photos to one of the many online photo galleries. Links can then be added from this site to help people find the photos.

Please contact the website with any thoughts or requests.

Slightly off-topic for the site maybe, but since they use school facilities and they asked...

Edmonton Karate Club trains in the Lower School gym on Saturday mornings. Classes for senior grade Black and Brown Belts start at 11.00am on Saturdays. Classes for beginners and lower grades start at 12.00 midday on Saturdays. You can come along and take a look or try out a class. There is a FREE introductory class for everyone on offer, just to give you a taste of what Karate is all about. Families and children over the age of 6 are all welcome.

You can email us at info@karate-london.co.uk or have a look at our website http://www.karate-london.co.uk/. We look forward to seeing you.

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