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Photos from 1922–25

The following photos are believed to be the oldest in the archives. Those that are dated are from 1923 and 1924 and they probably cover at least three school years. If anyone can put names to the unknowns please get in touch.

House Captains

First photo: House Captains 1923
Second photo: House Captains 1924 (Robson, Whale, Holland, Barber).

Comparison of the photos suggests that the two on the right of the 1923 photo are Barber and Robson.

House captains, unknown year.

This photo was marked as 1923 which was then crossed out and then marked as 1923 again. It certainly doesn't seem to be the same bunch as those in the 1923 or 1924 photos.  The boy on the left could perhaps be the same as the one in 1923 photo and that could almost be Barber again second from right.

Sports teams

1923–1924 Football

Names of any of the boys or staff would be welcomed.

1923–1924 Netball 1st Team
Elsie Harmsworth, Cecilia Bunn, Grace Friday, Cissie Silverton, Isabel Angood, Doris Clapham, ????
1923 Cricket 1st XI.
Again, names of either of the staff or any of the boys would be welcomed.

The 'Stinks' Lab

In the 'Stinks' lab 1923–1924.
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