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For the purposes of this privacy statement, a reference to 'ECSOSA' means the individual(s) managing the ECSOSA website on behalf of the Edmonton County School Old Scholars' Association, who may in turn report information to the Committee.

The ECSOSA website is hosted by EZPZ Hosting who keep logs of site activity which are made available to ECSOSA. These logs may include information provided by your browser such as the browser type, the preferred language, the referring site and the date and time of each page request. This information doesn't directly personally identify you. The logs will also include the IP address that the web server sees the page requests coming from. The IP address does have the potential to identify you personally as your ISP would know who was assigned the IP address at a given time and so the site logs can be considered as personal data. All it can do for ECSOSA in the vast majority of cases is to suggest your ISP or company name. The information in the logs is only used by ECSOSA to help examine and measure site usage.

The website uses Google Maps for mapping which means that information similar to that mentioned above could be recorded by Google. The website has drawn on other third party services and content in the past but at the time of writing it is believed that it has all been removed. Should there be any remaining that have been overlooked, or any added in future, the third parties will also have access to similar information.

First party and third party cookies may be set when you access the ECSOSA website. First party cookies will use the ecsosa.org.uk and .ecsosa.org.uk domains and those are the only cookies that can be seen by the website. The following are the first party cookies presented to this page and any other page on the website should see the same cookies (though possibly with different content):

It is possible you won't see any cookies listed above. You may well see one called PHPSESSID which is set due to the use of PHP on the site. PHP has the capability to handle session management on the server end (rather than needing to use cookies, scripting or messing around with URLs) and needs this one cookie to track which data applies to your session. Session management isn't being used directly by the website but it seems that a Facebook API in use probably sets it up behind the scenes, even if it doesn't actually need to make any use of it. This cookie is regarded as an essential cookie to the site.

You may still see some other cookies that were set when Google Analytics was being used on the site and which haven't expired yet. These are first party cookies because the Google Analytics code ran as a script on the website but the content was only really meaningful to Google. If you use your browser controls to delete the cookies they shouldn't return.

Third party 'functional' cookies may be set due to the use of third party services from Facebook and Google. ECSOSA has no access to them.

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