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Author: Graham Johnson.

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Photos from events such as reunions and lunches
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A number of photos have been selected from the archives and are presented along with photos contributed by Old Scholars. The photos have been grouped together into school years where possible and readers are welcome to contact the website with their own stories, recollections or photos from the various featured years that can be used to flesh out the different pages. Photos from other years are also welcomed of course, there is no need to wait for a particular year to be featured.

Some of the photos are only dated by year. Sometimes one can make educated guesses as to which school year they belong to (e.g. those showing Summer sports) but it is quite likely many could be a year out. It arguably isn't terribly critical but when imposing order and structure it is nice for that order and structure to be consistent.

The photos on the site were being migrated over to a Fotopic gallery. This admittedly might have been considered a step backwards in terms of presentation but it did make maintaining the collection a whole lot easier and also meant larger collections of photos could usefully handled. It was working well right up to the point where Fotopic went offline. Fortunately I never finished the job, the old pages didn't end up in the bin and so could be restored reasonably easily, and I did have an old backup of the Fotopic site. Any updates to captions or any new photos sent in after 21st October 2010 may have to be consider lost.

I have written all the collection and photo commentaries based on information passed on to me. It is intended that source of photos and information are credited but this isn't always the case. Apologies to those whose efforts have not been acknowledged.

If you have large collections of old photos or have taken lots of photos of events like reunions it might still be more appropriate to created your own online galleries. However that doesn't mean they can't be linked in with the site. Please see Your ECSOSA for more on this.

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