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Photos from 1940–1941

Form IIA in May 1941

Back: Dick Platt, Ken Beddall, Ron Roullier, Ted Carey, Ken Ellis, Bob Costa, Bill Pretty, Bruce Masters, John Croker, Ron Bushell, Reg Barnes, Jack Farmer, Ron Wilson
Centre: Doreen Bayley, ? , Brenda Trippick, Jean Ridden, Eileen Harby, Elsie Allen
Front: Iris Macadam, Pat Moore, Pam Humble, Betty Howson, Brenda Poynton, Doris Page, Pat Frost, Sheila Male, Alice Smith, Brenda Baxter

The above photo shows Form IIA with their form master Bill Pretty and it was contributed by Dee West (née Page). She relates that the photo was taken by Bill Comber, the Science Master, who developed it in front of the class. The class then printed their own copies. This photo actually comes from Bob Costa's copy! Peter Trippick contributed the name of his sister Brenda.

Football team

Back: ???, Sam Elengorn, Sydney Lansbury, ???, Freddie McAdam, Ian Haycraft, ???, Bobby Hayden, Jimmy North, ???.
Front: Den Wade, Ernie Ryman, Keith Warren, Bill Sage, ???.

This photo was sent in to the Winter 2008 newsletter by Bill Sage. He could name four of the boys including himself, and the two members of staff. In the Spring 2009 newsletter Leslie Dean identified Bobby Hayden, and Ted Lawrence identifed Freddie McAdam, Den Wade and Ernie Ryman. He did however name the captain as Keith Coals rather than Keith Warren.

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