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Photos from 1942–1943

Back row: Mr Leeming, Mr Bartlett, Mr Locke, Mr Comber, Dr Rogers, Mr Pretty, Mr Akhurst, Mr Mason, Dr Galin, Miss Staples.
Front row: Miss Rudwick, Miss Hadler, Miss Ashworth, Miss Emery, Miss Capewell, Mr North, Mr Quartermaine, Miss Fothergill, Miss Drummond, Miss Nix, Miss Horrex (School Secretary).

The Spring 2003 newsletter invited information about a photo of the school staff which is reproduced here. The most complete response was from Ted Lawrence and was presented in the Summer 2003 newsletter. He recognised the the photo as one taken to mark the retirement of Mr North as headmaster at the end of the Summer Term in 1943 and identified the staff.

This photo of the James North, the headmaster, dates from 1943.

Back row: F. Howard, R. Fish, T. Perkins, Freddie McAdam, Basil Hoskins, Douglas Dawkins, Don Smart, Doreen Ellis, Ted Lawrence, Roy Fowler.
Front row: Sheila Hay, Peggy Ellis, Beth Burns, Edna Marter, Peggy Camani, Norman Clay (Head Boy) Joan Marriott (Head Girl), Edna Wetherhilt, Irene Wright, Pat Johnson, Margaret Thompson.

The Autumn 2003 newsletter includes a letter from Pat Tidbury (née Johnson) who also included a photo of the school Prefects dating from Summer 1943. Pat identified most of the boys and girls featured and in the following newsletter Betty Kirby (née Brooker) wrote in with the missing names and a couple of corrections (with the help of the July 1943 school magazine where the photo appeared with a caption!).

Pat had suggested the name Stan or Fred for F. Howard, so Fred seems favourite, and had identified R. Fish as Albert Fish. It would be nice to give everyone a first name.

Arthur Spencer queried the date of this photo in March 2016 following discussion with Ron Wright whose sister is in the photo, the suggestion being it should have been the following year. He has also quite reasonably pointed out that Ted Lawrence and Douglas Dawkins appear in this photo which would mean them having been made Prefects in the Fifth form. On the other hand there is a copy of the photo in the archives carrying the earlier date.

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