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Photos from 1948–1949

The official first eleven football team photo for 1947–1948 season was missing two of its stars in the goalkeeper, Eric Jay, and the inside-left, Bob Morley. Eric wrote in attaching a printed copy of a photo of the 1948–1949 team to remedy this. David Day supplied a form photo.

1st Eleven Football

Back: Mr Sam Elengorn, Eric Jay, Ron Myers, Paul Swanton, Ken Collier.
Front: Peter Costa, Ted Robins, Peter Batchelor, Jack Fraser, Neville Shaw, Bob Morley, Mick Root.

Eric could not initially identify the boy next to Ron Myers (whose first name and correct surname was supplied by Steve Cantor) but has since written in suggesting the name Paul Swanton.

2nd Year Form 2

Back: Roy Stainton, Bernard Brown, 'Taffy' Thomas, Terry Driscoll, Michael Melaniphy, Pam Goodman, Ann Sutherland, Maureen Hooper, Valerie Smith.
Middle: David Day, Sydney Moss, John Sunley, Lewis Yugin, Jean Pitts, Pam Fountain, Vilma Clark, Eileen Ambridge, Shirley Dixon.
Front: Robin White, Doug Heath, Cliff Miles, Audrey Wright, Janet Ray, Gwen Atkins, Winifred Pearman, Mavis Madden, Jean Wilson, Sylvia Tester, Janet Simkins.

Not in the photo: David ? Tyler, David W Tyler, John Fenn, Terry Russell, Audrey Saunders, Barbara Franklin (?), Jack Noble, Alan Illingworth, Leslie Dean.

David Day writes: 'Not all of the class members are present in the photograph and I have no idea who took it although it might have been our Form Mistress, Mrs Boys (formerly Miss Harding).' David credits Pam Goodman, Gwen Atkins, Eileen Ambridge and Janet Simkins for help with the names. There were two boys named David Tyler in the class.

Leslie Dean has added that he was also in this class but not in the photo, and that he was one of the pupils that dropped down to the A stream at the end of the year.


Back Row: Beryl Levett, Derek Ball, Mary Gifford, Brian Swanton, Beryl Taylor, David Osen, Peggy Sutton, Bruce Goddard, Jean Corbidge, Ron Perrin.
Front Row: Eric Wilkinson, Ann Langdon, Peter Lilley, Joyce Skinner, Reg Bayley, Helen Klein, John Ramsay, Joyce Newman, Denis Ardouin, Pat Hudson.

The Autumn-Winter 2002 newsletter included this photo contributed by Eric Wilkinson with a query over the date, which was believed to be c. 1947, and the name of those featured. In the following newsletter it was revealed that could actually be found in the July 1949 edition of 'The Edmonton County School Chronicle' and all those pictured were named.

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