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Photos from 1954–1955

The photos for this school year kick off with the school first eleven football team.

1st XI Football 1954-1955

Back: Mr Symonds, John Challis, Alan Jepps, Dave Ratliff, Ian Cromar, Roger Maitland, Mr Bartlett
Front: Robin Blick, Ken Mathews, Brian Knight, David Rogers, Peter Eaton.

The photo was contributed by Brian Knight.


Back: Robin Blick, Ann Tremain, Keith Moore, Ann Hyam, Michael Young, Pamela Ward, Gordon Salik, Shirley Frost, Keith Gooderham, Mary Leslie, Maurice Crewe
Front: Sheila Jackson, John Challiss, Pam Bayless, Ian Cromar, Marion Thornton, Les Hoy, Patricia White, Roger Maitland

Maurice Crewe (then first year of the sixth form) sent in this photo of the prefects which also features his wife Pat (then in the second year of the sixth form). The photo was signed on the back but they were unable to set all the names against all the faces and there also seemed to be an extra signature. The names they had left over were Brenda Freestone, Pamela Ward, Ann Hyam and Brian Knight. Malcolm Blunden recognised Pamela in the back row and Robin Blick identified Ann Hyam.

That left Brenda and Brian for the one remaining boy but clearly it isn't Brenda and it isn't Brian either. Robin Blick has commented that Brian Knight was Doris Staples' bete noir for some reason and so he was the only second year sixth pupil not to be made a prefect. The one remaining boy is Keith Moore, identified by Howard Solley in correspondence with Maurice Crewe.

2nd XI Hockey

Back: Miss Quinton, Marion Southgate, Jeanne Bayliss, Viola Akhurst, Penny ?????, Joan Page, Janet White.
Front: Carol Smith, Brenda Atterbury, Marion Thornton, Pat White, Elaine John.

Maurice Crewe sent in this photo which he believed was of the Hockey second eleven from 1953, give or take a year. He recognised Pat White and Carol Smith and believed he recognises Joan Page. Miss Quinton is on the left.

Barbara Wooll (née Brinton), who was at the school from 1951 to 1955, kindly added the names of Marion, Jeanne, Viola (daughter of Mr Akhurst the Maths teacher) and Brenda and confirmed Joan.

Marion Heather (née Southgate) later sent in the same photo with a more complete identification of the pupils and identified it as being from 1955, which has been taken to mean the school year 1954–1955 rather than 1955–1956.

Dave Ratliff, the goalkeeper in the earlier photo, has written in to provide Elaine John with her surname.

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