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Photos from 1982–1983

Sixth Form

7th (Back) Row: ?????, ?????, ?????, David Mash, Nigel Hall, Afroula Souteriou, Anthony Fionda, Marcel Vidale, <gap>, Nick ???.
6th Row: Myer Vajafian, David Smith, ?????, Paul Matthey, ?????, Matthew Beldam, Michael Pond, Mark Latimer, William Bates, Rajesh Cunniah, Michael Bywater, Ian Shersby.
5th Row:  Nicole Fenton, Jacqui Ambler, Paul Feldman, Guiseppi (Joe) Ianelli, David Young, Paul Rudd, Andrew Robinson, Craig Chamberlain, Mark Plum, Tim Cook, <drop down slightly>, Colin Davis, Louisa Helens, Alison Hill.
4th Row: Lisa Flood, ?????, Jane Razcowicz, Lindsay Platt, Patricia Melanson, Nick Keighly, Paul French, George Wong, John Panayiotou, Martin White, Glen Runagall, Lee Gullick, Jon Pugh, Jackie Campbell, Vanessa Sofroniou, Sally Cornell, Paula Muntzer.
3rd Row: Karen ???, Alison Glover, Janice Moore, Jane Woolley, Elaine DeRighetti, Claire Bourne, ?????, Ire Ette, Susan Lovelace, Marion Baxter, Ruth McLellan, Julia Fenn, Lynn Shersby, Jane Millward, Jane Hodge, Dula Petsus.
2nd Row: ?????, ?????; Joanna Ioannou, Maria Symmiou, Nicola Christofides, Jane Neat, ?????, Pamela Chatterjee, Bernadette Arkins, ?????, ?????, Joanne Berndes, Linda Wright, ?????, ?????, Sue Magnus, Karen ???.
1st (Front) Row: Mrs Charlton, Alison Stewart, Gill Paige, Helen Baker, David Ferebee, Sue Campion, Dr Kevill, Bob Dunlop, Steve Stilwell, Mr White, Mrs Gower.

This photo of the sixth form was passed on by David Young and he has managed to provide most of the names too. We think Mrs Gower's first name was Carol but we weren't sure and there could well be some spelling mistakes or phonetic spellings.

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