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Photos from 1936–37

Standing: C. Walker, D. Boxer, R. Denny, B. Jones, D. Bradley, M. Mackenzie, R. Barker, K. Kemp, M. Sutton.
Seated: L. Thomas, A. Sherwood, T. Schindler, M. Hollywood, F. Stechman, E. Young.

The July issues of the school magazine ("The Chronicle Of The Edmonton County School"), a twice yearly publication, used to feature photos of that year's Prefects. The photo above features in the July 1937 issue and so has clearly been incorrectly labelled as it actually shows the Prefects for 1936–1937.

It probably seems strange to younger readers to think that Prefects were once authority figures in the school but they were so until well into the 1970s. By 1980, when the Graham was a Prefect, this didn't really seem to be the case at all and they certainly didn't have official photos taken of them!

It may be the case that younger readers might not be familiar with Prefects at all as it seems the school stopped having them quite a few years back.

The next picture is a little bit different. It is a drawing of Mr Pettifer, the long serving groundsman, taken from the July 1937 issue of the magazine. A pupil had contributed an interview with Mr Pettifer to the magazine and this inspired this drawing which was by Sam Elengorn.

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