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Photos from 1943–1944


Back: Ken Forster, Reg Barnes, Les Kirby, R.Fish, Edna Marter, Ron Bushell, Irene Pettengell, Ken Beddall, Ted Lawrence, Roy Fowler, Ron Wilson
Front: Doris Page, Doreen Laxton, Brenda Poynton, Beryl Amos, Evelyn Skells, D.Dawkins, D.Ellis, Jean Ridden, Eileen Harby, Doreen Bayley, Alice Smith.
Foreground: Bob Tatt

The photo was contributed by Dee West.  It was originally dated as 1943-1944 but Arthur Spencer wrote in to suggest it was the next year, and this was confirmed by Ted Lawrence. Arthur also corrected the spelling of Ken Forster's name.

The story doesn't end there though as after many years being filed as 1944-1945 it was switched back to 1943-1944 in March 2016 as a copy of the photo is in the archives titled with the earlier date. It is however noted that Evelyn Skells would have been in the Vth form in 1943-1944 and Dawkins became Head Boy the next year but could perhaps be considered to be in the prime position in this photo unless you consider Bob Tatt has that privilege. On the other hand there are quite a few different pupils between the two years.

The caption included 'L. Pettingel' for many years. In January 2021 this was corrected to Irene Pettengell courtesy of her daughter, Claire Marston.

Dee had a query against the first name of Evelyn Skells but for once I didn't need any help confirming it. Evelyn, known as Eve to work colleagues or Cop to her family, was my Aunt. It has to be said I wouldn't have recognised her without Dee's caption and my Mum wouldn't have recognised her without my prompting either! — Graham.

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