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Photos from 1946–1947

The first two photos below show Sports Day in 1947. Beryl originally had these batched together with the1947–1948 photos as one was dated as 12th September 1947. On being asked if this was normal for the time, Beryl's reply was:

For 55 years I have looked at that photo album and assumed that Sports Day was postponed due to rain. Your query made me look at the back of the photo, where sure enough it says '12/9/47'.

However, today I found my old threepenny diary for 1947, which records the events of Sports Day under '12 July 1947', which must be right.

So there we go.

Sports Day — 12th July 1947

Over the years "Sports Day" evolved (some might say degenerated) into an afternoon athletics meeting but once it was a major social occasion and as well as the normal athletics events it also included such things as obstacle courses, sack races and bicycle races. It was also typically held on a Saturday, as it was in 1947.

The photos below show the two extremes of the day.

The first photo shows the Staff bicycle race but not a straight forward one, this one involved pushing the bicycles backwards. The photos show 'Solly' (Dr Galin) and 'Q' (Mr Quartermaine) running neck and neck (but not for long one imagines as that looks like one seriously out of control bike on the left) with Mr Wilkinson running into trouble behind.

The second photo shows that athletics was taken seriously. Here Kenneth Saggers is about to break the school record for the one mile run, and is being paced over the last twenty yards by Johnny Staines who himself broke the record for the 100 yard dash.

Officiating at the tape were 'Gus' Locke and Mr AT Leeming.


Having been asked by whether she had any of the source images for past newsletters to hand, Jan Mills produced photos of the Staff and Prefects which look like they were scanned from the school magazine. They don't actually seem to appear in any past newsletters but they aren't going to waste. The photo of the staff now sits better alongside the other staff photos in the gallery but the Prefects are shown below.

Back row: James, Goddard, Wright, Willis, Secker.
Front row: L. Seigler, C. Nicholson, M. Wager, B. Evans, Saggers, P. Swanton, B. Collins, D. Chapman.

The lineup of Prefects features the second appearance of Saggers on the page!

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