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Photos from 1949–1950

The Christmas 2004 newsletter included a photo of Five Alpha from 1950 which was rather small in printed form but features on the site in the website supplement. Eric Jay wrote in enclosing an alternative version of the photo and naming all but one of those featured. Rather than adding this to the supplement it seemed a good idea to start another page in the archives with it.

Back: Tony Parrott, John Davis, Spencer Soames, Alan Smith, Arthur Hutchinson, Betty Lewis, Norma Jones, Margaret Gatting, Audrey Jeffery, Jessie Foracres, Doreen Wallace.
Centre: Alan Olsen, Derek Jennings, Alan Johnson, Ted Robins, Mr Bradley, Pamela Mora, Francis Lorkins, Joan Bevis, Carole Goss.
Front: Eric Jay, Anthony Stewart, Marie Mercer, Joyce Allen, Jessica Jacobs.

This photo didn't scan in very well so isn't really any clearer than the one in the newsletter. Apologies for any incorrect names which could be down to Eric's memory, phonetic spelling, or poor transcripion of his handwritten caption. If anyone can give the boy in the dark jacket a name that would be great.

Arthur Spencer has indeed written to provide the name of Spencer Soames, correct Brian Smith to Alan Smith, and correct Maurice Olsen to Alan Olsen, adding that there were three Olsen brothers. He has further corrected Ken Jennings to Derek Jennings, speculating that Ken may perhaps have been his older brother, and noted the absence of a number of pupils including Bob Morley.

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