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2004 Newsletters

The Spring 2004 newsletter has been recreated from scans of the original paper copy as neither a PDF file or the master document could be located.

The photo above features in the Summer 2004 newsletter and was taken by Eric Wilkinson in 1947. It shows "Solly" Galin demonstrating surface tension to 5S. He was not aware the photograph had been taken. As usual, if anyone can identify themselves in the photo then please do contact the website.

The Autumn 2004 newsletter includes a letter from Ethel White (1933–1939) who attached a class photo which was featured in the newsletter but only at a very reduced size. The original wasn't much clearer but can be found in the photo gallery.

There is also a photo that is captioned 'Speech Day drama' with the comment that Eric Wilkinson is fourth from the right and that he might have known the date. Unfortunately it was probably a little too small for anyone else to be easily identified so here it is in a slightly larger size. It still isn't terribly clear but comments on it are welcomed.

The Winter 2004 newsletter includes a letter from Frances Thompson (née Lorkins, 1945–1950) who is married to Mike Thompson (1942–1947). The two photos that accompany the letter are presented below at a larger size.

[Eric Jay.]The first photo shows the "Class of 1945–1950". A letter was received from Eric Jay (1945–1950) in Kennington supplying a photo of the 1948–1949 first eleven football team. He then goes on to say "The photo in the Christmas Newsletter of Five Alpha was indescernible not showing the beauty of the Five Alpha boys' form captain" and he enclosed an alternative photo which has been used to start the 1949–1950 photo collection. He also named all those in the photo bar the boy in the dark jacket in the back row. Eric says he has been in contact with Frances Thompson (née Lorkins) and Joan Young (née Bevis) and is aware of the deaths of Betty Frazer (née Lewis), Arthur Hutchinson and Antony Stewart. He goes on to say 'Should any other members of Five Alpha want to drop a line to the Second Methuselah they will receive a reply'.

As Eric has invited correspondence it seems reasonable to publish his address which is '67 Alverstone House, Kennington Park Estate, London SE11 5TR'. He did also supply the address of Bob Morley in Enfield.

Back: Bob Goodman, ???, Mick Thompson, Peter Bachelor, ???, ???
Front: ???, ???, Bryn Root, Peter Trippick, ? Richards, Ted Carey

The letter mentions that Mike Thompson was goalkeeper for the old scholars' team for about seven years so presumably this photo is of the Old Edmontonians team dating from the early 1950s (they look a smidgen old for pupils). Clearly the photo is taken on King George's Field between Delhi Road and the Great Cambridge Road as the school is in the background!

In January 2006, Peter Trippick sent in a couple of photos of the Old Scholars' team from the mid-1950s and one of them was nearly identical to this. So this confirms the assumption. He attempted to put names to the faces allowing addition of the caption above. It would be nice to complete the names though, including the boy propping up the goalpost!

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