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Photos from 1952–1953

Here we have photos of the prefects, the football team and the athletics team.

Prefects 1952-1953

Back: Roy Stainton, Barbara Franklin, D H Trew
Middle: Pam Fountain, Cliff Miles, Jean Pegram, DR Newstead, Muriel Cole, Malcolm Prior, Gena Keyes, Bernard Brown
Front: Peter Benton, Valerie Gooderham, Albert Bridge, Anne Berry, Ron Hampton, Angela Weed, D C Baker, Joan Ivanoff.

Beryl picked out a photo of the prefects from an album borrowed from the late Angela Spencer (Weed).

In response to a request to identify those featured, Robin Blick weighed in with eight of the names and then Beryl passed on the names from Angela's album to complete the list, the only difference being that Robin named Roy Stainton as Syd. David Day has written in to explain that there is no contridiction as his name was actually Royston but they called him Syd after his middle name Sydney.

1st XI Football 1952-1953

Back: Don Harrison, Brian Beharrier, Albert Bridge, Peter Mottley, Brian Knight, Mr Hall
Front: John Challis, Derrick Stone, Ron Garner, Ron Hampton, ????, Alan Hummerson, Roger Maitland.

Brian Knight contributed the above photo and Robin Blick identified Don Harrison. Derrick Stone's name was misspelt for a long time but has now been corrected courtesy of his son, who also identified his brother Lewis in the athletics team photo.

Athletics team

Back: Brian Beharier, Mick Young, Ian Cromar, Pete Motley, ????
Middle: Dave Smith, Ron Hampton, Albert Bridge, Les Hoy, Colin Walker, John Parrot, Malcom Prior, ????
Front: Brian Stapley, Maurice Crewe, ????, Lewis Stone, Keith Gooderham, ????, ????, Roger Maitland
Sitting: ????, John Hare.

Maurice Crewe sent in this photo of the athletics team (or part thereof). He believes it was the 1953 team. He could only put a few of the names to faces. Robin Blick wrote in with the first dozen names for the caption and David Day added Colin Walker. Maurice then added Brian Stapley and himself! Don Harrison identified John Hare. Lewis Stone has also been identified.

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