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Photos from 1955–1956

Beryl Cushion has picked the following two photos out of Frank Wallder's photo album and it rather looks like Frank will have supplied the captions too.

2nd XI Football 1955–1956

Back: Mr Bartlett, Frank Wallder, 'Gina' Atkins, Pete Littlefield, Gary Holt, ? Norris, Alan 'Hot Pog' Palmer, Mr P V Simmonds
Front: Julian Duggan, 'Slasher' Eason, Pete Jones, Pete Agland (Skipper), John Whatley, Roy Batty.

2nd XI Cricket 1956

Back: Mr FEF Doubleday, Johnny Bowers, Mick Barr, 'Shack' Mottram, Bob Phillips, Mr J Long
Front: John Whatley, Gary Holt, Michael 'Chick' Steddon (Captain), Frank Wallder, Mick Fenton (then Feinstein)

Prefects 1955–1956

Back: Pamela Ward, John Little, Heather Grainger, Howard Solley, Marion Radford, Keith Moore, Brenda Atterbury, Gordon Salik, ???, Malcolm Blunden, Hazel Prowse, Dave Durant
Front: Ann Hyams, Terry Horton, Carol Smith, John Challis, Shirley Frost, John Willcox, Mary Leslie, Ken Shaw, Joan Page, Maurice Crewe

Maurice Crewe sent in this photo of the prefects. Unlike the photo from the previous year, this one hadn't been signed on the back. Maurice and Howard Solley have put their heads together to try and put names to faces but there were still a few to go. Dave Ratliff wrote in to confirm one uncertain identification and add three names and Marion Richardson (nee Radford, and in the back row of the photo) added John Little and Heather Grainger. Howard was later able to identify Pamela Ward and Malcolm Blunden had confirmed a tentative identification of himself.

The boy between Gordon and Malcolm had already remained unnamed for some time before Malcolm Blunden pointed out that it would appear to be a girl. Oops…

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