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Mid-1950s Old Scholars' Cricket

The following photos of the Old Scholars' cricket team have come from Albert Boreham who has been able to name most of those pictured. However he was unable to put a name to all the faces and could not date the photos. Please contact the website if you can add anything.

Frank Wallder was able to date the photos to the mid-1950s and explain that they would have been taken by Ted Lawrence Senior. He could also make some additions and corrections. Dave Ratliff added a name to the second photo.

Back: Don Tester, ???, Frank Martin, Len Collins, Stan Aupers, Geoff Young, Don Smart.
Front: George Scott, Pat McCabe, Albert Boreham, ???, Don Hall.
Back: Mr Young, Don Hall, Stan Aupers, ???, Geoff Young, Pat McCabe, Len Collins, ???.
Front: George Scott, ???, Don Tester, Len Outridge, Rob Blick, ???.
Back: Len Collins, Frank Martin, Mick Baynes, Mr Young, Stan Aupers, Pat McCabe, Len Outridge.
Front: Geoff Young, ???, ???, Albert Boreham, George Scott, Don Hall.
Back: Rob Blick, Len Collins, Mick Silver, Ian Cromar, Bert Smith, Peter Allen, Mr Young, Bobby Goodman, George Scott.
Front: Albert Boreham, Geoff Young, "Nobby" Noble, Roy Stainton.

Les Dean contributed the name of Peter Allen and also recognised the person between Mick Silver and Bert Smith. He knows he was a couple of years below himself, Peter Allen and Roy Stainton at school and that he lived in the Harrow Drive area but just can't recall his name.

Frank Wallder provided the name Ian Cromar, adding that he went on to be Captain of the team in the early 1960s, and he also corrected the original identification of Bob Smith to Bert Smith. Ian Cromar also features in other photos but the webmaster couldn't confidently identify him so hasn't changed the captions.

David Ratliff (1950–1955) contributed the name of Rob Blick.

Back: Cyril Scott, Len Outridge, ???, Len Collins, Mick Baynes, Bobby Goodman.
Front: Bert Smith, George Scott, Ted Lawrence Senior, Albert Boreham, Stan Aupers, ??? Bachelor, Peter Trippick.

Frank Wallder corrected the name Bob Smith to Bert Smith. Peter Trippick identified himself as standing on the right next to the younger of the two Bachelor brothers but couldn't recall his first name. He also noted that Ray Pizzie was also a regular who seems to have escaped all the photographs.

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