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Photos from 1966–1967

Beryl received a number of class photos from the 1960s and 1970s which included four that were undated and two of those are shown here. The building in the background is clearly today's Lower School but the uniforms are wrong for the merged school so it seems a pretty safe assumption that the photos are from Rowantree Secondary Modern. They were on the site as 'mid-1960s' for some time but Simon Pindar let it be known that as he is in the 3B photograph the year must have been 1967, the year before the merger to form Edmonton School.

Rowantree Secondary Modern — Form 3A

Rowantree Secondary Modern — Form 3B

Back: Simon Pindar, Barry Green, John Cosnett, Garry Richards, Gregory Percival, Roger Khoury, Gary Holmes, Robert Clark, Richard Chinn
Back-Middle: A Jerome, L Care, Lyn Jenkins, Mary Grant, C Chaimberlain, M Green, Linda Garner, I Gandon
Front-Middle: Roger Newbury, Graham Reed, M Sant, David Brett, Keith Robb, Ian Roberts, Peter Millross, Terry Wright, Nicholas Goldman
Front: Angela Tyler, D Parkin, A Evans, S Wilkinson, Mr Baynes, M Cox, Lyn Robinson, Carol Laxton, J Hillman

Graham Reed appears in this photo and agrees with Simon Pindar's dating. He has added the first names that he can recall and has also named Mr Baynes the form teacher. Graham adds: 'I know some of the other boys better than others from this year because we had been the Rowantree School football team so when the transfer happened we formed all of the Upper School 2nd XI football team, the senior boys forming most of the 1st XI. I played regularly for the 2nd XI in seasons 1968-69 and 1969-70 under the guidence of the great Mr Wolstenholme who was the goalkeeper of Enfield F.C. at the time.'

Graham is trying to recall the 2nd XI team members and results for these two seasons so if anyone can help please let us know.

Colin Norman has commented that Mr Baines (sic) taught Maths.

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