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Photos from 1978–1979

Three photos on this page come from the Graham's own collection. They are all taken on Thursday 24th May 1979 which was the day before the fifth form broke up for exam leave (this was in the days of the GCSE O-Level and the CSE).

The last Maths lesson for 5x1. Reading from left to right you can see various bits of Stuart Robinson, Nick Budd, a fringe and eye that might belong to Andy Downe, Tony Isaacs, Brian Alexander (at a guess!), Bev Coaster, Chris Snell, Gerard Soverall, Tim Budd, Fran Chapman, Allen Moxham, Karen Fenn, Sue Mays, Julie Morley, and Karen Corney.
The photo was taken in Room 19. This was on the first floor at the east end of the south corridor. Maths was one of the three compulsory examination subjects (the others being English Language and English Literature). Naturally the forms for Maths were streamed and 5x1 was the top set. There was exchange of pupils between sets based on examination performance. The 'x' in the set name served to divide the year in two for timetabling purposes.

In this photo we have Gerard Soverall, Nick Budd, Andy Downe, David Byrne, Brian Alexander, Marcus Andrews, Paul Day, Graham Johnson, Chris Snell and Tim Budd.
This photo was taken in Room 8 which was on the east side of the main school building on the ground floor. The mix of pupils in the photo suggests it was taken during a break period. The photo shows boys with and without ties. Summer uniform for boys amounted to permission being granted to remove ties on hot days. Shirt collars were still supposed to be warn outside the blazers though it wasn't really stringently enforced anymore.

The last ever RK lesson. Featured are Gerard Soverall, Karen Fenn, Shani Abey, Jenny Pryor, Maria Soteriou, Allen Moxham and Jill Sandland. It looks like Mark Novels in the background on the left.
This photo was taken in Room 7 which again was on the east side of the building on the ground floor. Religious education was compulsory but not an examination subject and there was only one lesson a week. In the Lower School it was called RI (Religious Instruction) but in the Upper School RK (Religious Knowledge). The sets for RK were the same as the streamed ones used for English.


Beryl asked for help identifying some photos from the archives, including the set above.

Graham writes:

I originally only had the first photo above but when I looked at it I thought the leading man looked like Martin Poll and it also looked like Heather Jenkin was holding a lance on the right of the photo. Martin and Heather left the school in 1980. I also thought the boy at the back of the central five might be Paul Cody, who was in the year above them. When I saw the next three photos I recognised Jane Leonard (fifth from left in the second photo) from my own year. I asked my brother and his wife about the photos (their having being in the year groups that left the Sixth form in 1979 and 1980) if they might recognise anyone and got more than I bargained for as my brother had actually been in the production which was Camelot, and also understudied the role of Arthur. The performances were from 4th to 7th October 1978 but these photos came from the dress rehearsals.

The cast and crew list is shown below (the images link to larger versions of themselves):

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