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Photos from 1981–1982

Another photo from Graham's own extremely limited collection.

Speech Day, Thursday 12th November 1981

Graham Johnson receives the prize for the Highest Academic Achievement at 'A' Level and the North Memorial Prize for Mathematics from Dr R.M.W. Rickett, Director of Middlesex Polytechnic.

Graham writes:

Yes I have indeed sneaked in a photo of myself getting (arguably) the top prize at Speech Day. If memory serves correctly the suit was a medium blue, if not lighter, came from Marks and Spencer (of course) and was 100% polyester. The glasses had Reactolite Rapide lenses and had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Councillor Graham Eustance was Chairman of the School Governors at the time and so presided over the event. Peter 'Stanley' Matthews is likely to have been the announcer and used to organise the prizegiving part of the event. He stood further along the stage just before the steps down and used to warn prize winners beforehand that anyone getting the procedure wrong would be tripped up as they walked past him. I can't really remember what his title was at the school, if indeed I ever knew. The concept of a 'senior management team' wasn't really established back then and it is quite possible his arrival was the first step towards creating one. I would imagine he was probably responsible for timetabling and the curriculum and the like. Certainly a year or so later someone whose name escapes me came along to concentrate on the school finances.

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