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The first three newsletters of 2007 were a bit on the large size when converted to PDF format and so were reworked by Graham. So please bear in mind what you are seeing when you download those newsletters isn't quite what Dennis and Jean originally created for the printed version.

The Spring 2007 newsletter includes a piece by Arthur Spencer on the school jazz band that was formed by members of the Lower 6th in 1950–1951 and here is a slightly larger version of the photo that accompanied it. Comparing the photo to the line-up quoted in the article, it would seem that the above photo features (from left to right) Michael Fielder, Ray Williams, Tony Parratt, Arthur Spencer, Brian Newlands, Colin Parnall amd Ken Woolner.

The above drawing of Mr Pettifer, the long serving groundsman, is also featured in the Spring 2007 newsletter but has actually been lurking on the site for a couple of years now on the 1936–1937 page in the photos section. It was drawn by Sam Elengorn and appeared in the July 1937 edition of the school magazine.

Top: Ann Tremaine, Dorothy Dawes, Valerie Adams, Nina Mariani.
Middle: Joan Coleman (now Joyce), Valerie Fowler, Sylvia Carter, Sylvia Noquet, Mavis Charters.
Bottom: Rhoda Greenberg, Gertrude Greenberg , Pamela Baylis (now Young).

This photo from the Summer 2007 newsletter shows the class of 1948–1953 on the school field and was sent in by Elaine Streeter (née Woodgate). She managed to put names to some of the faces and Valerie Hicks (née Fowler) was able to add a few more. Joan Joyce, Janet Ford and Keith Gooderham wrote in to the newsletter editors with the remaining names. These names have been used those names above though it should be noted that Joan Coleman and Sylvia Carter had previously been identified as Joan Regan and Joan Coleman.

Back: Len Outridge, Ian Cromar, Pat McCabe, Peter Trippick, Mr. Young (Umpire). Gordon Richards, Jimmy Batchelor
Front : Bob, George Scott, Cyril Scott, Bert Smith, Stan Aupers

Bob Goodman's sporting reminiscences in the Autumn 2007 newsletter included the above photo of the O.S. Cricket Team at Arkley in 1956 which is probably easier to view here.

The same newsletter includes a scan of an article from a local newspaper titled 'School teachers stage walkout over workload' which might not be that easy to read. You can find substantially the same story online in the Enfield Independent.

David Pennell wrote in the Winter 2007 newsletter about the Summer Camp including this photo taken on 29th July 1949 at West Bay, Dorset. It features himself, George Smout, Henry (Harry) Leonard, Frank (Nobby) Noble and Peter Mottley.

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