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2009 Newsletters

Author: Graham Johnson.

The Spring 2009 newsletter has unfortunately been printed with Cliff Wilkin's old address. The photo of form 5B in 1939 has been loaded into the photo gallery.

The Summer 2009 edition includes a "Chairman's Report" from Frank Wallder which talks of the move to having the school operate as two separate campuses rather than a Lower school and an Upper school. Unfortunately the detail isn't correct as the plan is to have six form entry on each site, giving a total of twelve. This increase (from nine) will provide one third of the extra nine forms of entry to secondary schools that Enfield Council anticipates will be required by 2015.

The Autumn 2009 newsletter includes a discussion of the first name of R. L. Hudson. A check through the BMD records reveal his name was Robert Lindsay Hudson, born on 3rd July 1917, and in an article somewhere a contemporary on the staff refers to him as 'Robby' or 'Robbie'.

I can't be more specific than 'somewhere' because I can't remember where I saw it. I can't find it in the newsletter archive.

R. L. Hudson joined the staff of Harrow County School for Boys in 1950 as Senior Science Master and can be spotted in a whole school photograph in 1953. The reminiscences of a former pupil are worth a read for their mention of the nickname 'rubber bung' and kipper sandwiches.

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